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Aphrodisiac Activation

January 21, 2023 | 7-11pm

Indulge your senses in an erotic plant-based tantric embodiment group experience where taste and touch are only the beginning of our orgasmic Eros cultivation... In our clothing-optional social hour, soak in the healing pleasure in the pool or increase the heat in the Kinky Korner. Let love guide your authentic expression and fuel your desires for connection and bliss. Prepare for mouth-watering delight - come hungry.

Dress Code: Lingerie and Luxury Sleepwear

Rating: 18+ and all levels welcome

The Sexy

Together, we will elevate our lives through play, learning how to...

  • master the Tantric Pillars of Pleasure: breath, sound and movement

  • identify the practical and life-changing application of the Five Sacred Bodies 

  • divine on plant-based taste-bud climaxing nourishment

  • explore independently, in dyad partnership, and in groups

  • easefully communicate wants, desires, and boundaries

  • resource safety, regulation, and engage with life in confidence

  • rewire our capacity for pleasure through energetics

  • enhance the six senses for sustainable eros and night-long bodygasms

  • connect with others in deep profound intimacy without outercourse or intercourse

  • cultivate love and acceptance with curiosity in community

Bring a journal, writing utensil, refillable water bottle, sarong, transition clothes, and swimwear and a towel if desired. For optional comfort a blanket, a yoga mat or a cushion are encouraged.

As we will be in close contact with one another, we ask you refrain from all fragrances and scented body products. 

Event Guidelines & Agreements

  1. I claim my sovereignty, agency, and choice in attending and participating in Czeize The Day events.

  2. I agree to be present, self-responsible, free of judgement, practice consent, and use confidentiality to respect the privacy of all event participants.

  3. While Czeize The Day creates a safer container for authentic expression and community, I understand I am held responsible for my utmost safety and wellbeing at all times. 

  4. I understand sexual outercourse or intercourse is not permitted at Czeize The Day events.

  5. I acknowledge that this is an alcohol-free, drug-free, and psychedelic-free environment. Czeize The Day has a zero-tolerance for alcohol, drugs, or psychedelic use at any of their events.

  6. In attending any Czeize The Day event, I acknowledge that photographs and audio/video footage will be captured. Czeize The Day may use my image and likeness for marketing and publicity in their publications, website, and social media.

  7. I understand phones are required to be stowed away on silent mode and if my device goes off, it will prevent returning for future Czeize The Day experiences.

  8. I understand violence, aggression or toxic behavior will not be tolerated and I am subject to immediate removal from the event and future events.

  9. I understand all sales are final and there are no refunds or ticket transfers.

  10. I will breathe, sound, and move to regulate, expand my pleasure, and lean deeper into my experience at Czeize The Day events!


Couples Ticket - 2 remaining

$180.00 USD + tax

One (1) Couples Ticket includes seats and treats for two (2) individuals.

Gent | Singles Ticket - 1 remaining

$90.00 USD + tax

One (1) Gent | Singles Ticket includes seat and treats for one (1) individual.

Lady | Singles Ticket - 4 remaining

$90.00 USD + tax

One (1) Lady | Singles Ticket includes seat and treats for one (1) individual.

By purchasing a ticket and attending the event, you consent to all
Czeize The Day agreements and event guidelines.




Purchase Your Ticket

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Complete Payment

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a link to complete your purchase via Honeybook, the Czeize The Day payment processor. 

See you soon!

Once paid, an email confirmation with ticket information, additional event details, and address will be sent within 24 hours.

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