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Voyage Into Presence

February 23-25th, 2024

Unlock the transformative power of presence through our 3-day immersive experience designed to explore the energetic, physical, and psychological realms. Delve into your polarities, archetypes, power dynamics, and personal boundaries to deepen your connections with yourself and others.

Miami's deep voyage includes:

  • 3-day deep dive program and flow with an experienced and passionate team

  • Healthy & delicious snacks + Sunday evening collective dinner (vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free friendly)

  • Surprise gifts

  • Integration follow-up call after the training

Early Bird Tickets $375.00 USD until 1/31

Regular Tickets $475.00 USD

Location: Inhale Miami - 6310 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

Questions? Contact

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“The program was so well put together and orchestrated by the entire team. As this was my first event I feel so lucky to be taught and held by such an experienced facilitator. The safe space was amazing. These three days I was in a different place where I could learn, experience, try, feel, express myself so wholly. After the three days I brought this experiment with me to the real world where I felt empowered to express my desires and boundaries. The name of the event, Voyage into Presence, is truly well chosen and I am so grateful to be part of it. Whatever I do, wherever I am, presence is the key.”

This unique experience invites you to step away from the chaos of everyday life and immerse yourself in a sacred and connected space where you can experience:

Awakened Senses

Through sensory exploration and rituals, you will awaken your dormant senses and your primal power. Learn to appreciate the world in a new light. 


Dropping What Doesn’t Serve

Release the baggage that holds you back and experience a profound connection with the current of existence, yourself, and others.

Connection Through Wholeness

Balance your inner polarities (feminine/masculine, light/dark, etc). Learn how to bring the balance of energy through transformational, ritualistic, and healing processes. 

Authentic and Pleasurable Intimacy

Explore your desires and boundaries together in a deep and safe space. Expand what you thought was possible as your desires are enhanced by deeper presence.

Is This Training For You?

Are you easily distracted? Do you complete a task only to realize you’ve forgotten the process because your mind was a million miles away? Does life pull you in many directions at once? Do you agree to requests you’d rather decline?  Do you endure situations rather than respond with a full-bodied ‘yes’? Are you unsure of what you want? Do you worry your desires will keep others away? Do you spend more time in your head than in your body? Do you envy the power in others that you feel you can’t access in yourself? Do you find yourself doom-scrolling or engaging in unhelpful habits despite the will to change?


This training is DEFINITELY for you!

Voyage Into Presence is for you if you want to:

  • Live life in the here and now

  • Build the capacity to stay present with others, the world and yourself

  • Increase satisfaction & peace by learning skills to return to the present moment

  • Express your own authentic desires and boundaries

  • Explore self-pleasure including the wholeness of yourself

  • Develop deep, authentic, respectful connections with others

The Flow

This experience will:

  • Guide you through rituals and embodied learning

  • Bring you to presence with your triggers to melt fears

  • Provide tools to find presence and grounding in any situation

  • Tap into latent/nascent powers so they can be seen, heard, and felt

  • Increase your capacity for pleasure with yourself and with others

  • Dismantle stories about why you don’t get what you want


Some Elements in the Intuitive Flow:

  • Temple rituals

  • Archetype discovery and play

  • Aspecting with polarities

  • Desires/Boundaries

  • Heavy Metal Tantra

  • Shibari

  • Moving in the unknown

  • Sacred & Therapeutic Kink

  • Energetic bubbles

  • Asking for what we want

What To Bring


  • Your own towel and/or sarongs (to cover the mattresses)

  • Comfortable sensual clothing or clothing that makes you feel good 


  • Kimono and/or bathrobe

  • Warm and layered clothing and socks

  • Journal

  • Water bottle

  • Sensual bites to eat & feed each other (e.g. dates, fruits, nuts, etc.)

  • Something to lay on the altar (a crystal, piece of nature, feather, or anything else)

  • Anything you think might be nice to play with (e.g. feathers, massagers, satin, essential oils, massage oils, dildos, floggers, whips, shibari rope, a blindfold, etc.)

Agreements & Schedule

  • I agree to remain sober from alcohol and other mind/mood altering substances for the entirety of this training.

  • I agree not to hurt myself, others, or anything in the venue for the entirety of this training.

  • I agree not to provide unsolicited counsel, support, coaching, or feedback. I will wait to be asked for support, tissues, holding space, a shoulder to cry on, etc.

  • I agree that the facilitator will describe what will be happening for all rituals, exercises, and experiences. I agree that my level of participation is my choice.

  • I agree to work with any participant for paired sharing, rituals, exercises, and experiences. I agree that I will not cross my known boundaries and can honor consent.

  • I agree to remain coachable.

  • I agree to be on time for all sessions.

  • This training is in English, and no time will be allocated to translation.

Accommodation Suggestions

The New Yorker (5 minute drive/15 minute walk)

Travelodge (5 minute drive/20 minute walk)

Holiday Inn (10 minute drive/45 minute walk)


Morning Program (9:30am - 1:00pm)

Afternoon Program (3:00pm -7:00pm)

Evening Temple (8:30pm - Midnight)

*Flexible to change, according to the flow. On 1st day, we will start from 11am and on 3rd day, we will finish after dinner at 9:00pm.

Complete Your Participant Form To Purchase Tickets
Please 'check' all agreements.

About Us

Darkstar Temple was secretly formed in the northern California woods under the stars surrounded by bears and gold veins. The initial mission was to bring dark-masculine energy to transformational, ritualistic, and healing spaces. Our co-founders recruited seven other members; only a few are known publicly. Today, Darkstar Temple designs experiences and rituals in multiple countries, states, and cities for large groups and individual seekers looking for profound, lasting shifts in their world.

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Aaron Mandelbaum is a unique voice and grounding presence on the path of transformation. Aaron has been researching, studying, practicing, and working in philosophy, transformation, and shamanism since the late 1900s. He holds a BA in Philosophy with a concentration in ontology, death, and sexual ethics and a master's degree in business strategy. He has designed experiences, programs, courses, and training worldwide and continues to coach individuals, groups, and businesses. 


Aaron is facilitator at the International School of Temple Arts (2,100+ hours of training), founder of Darkstar Temple, and a core pillar at Temple Nova. He has trained in conscious, shamanic, and therapeutic kink with international teachers, including Seani Wild and Francesca Gentile. He has also been invited to speak and facilitate at international venues/events/retreats such as the East Coast Tantra Festival, Austin Tantra Festival, Toronto Tantra Festival, Taboo Festival, Liberation, The Art of Intimate Communication, Tierramor, and more.

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